Mac OSX Development Environment Setup

What to setup?

  • xcode
  • git
  • Homebrew
  • RVM: Ruby Version Manager
  • textmate: popular code editor
  • macruby



Install from App Store. This very difficulty is that it takes too long to download, especially in China.

I swithed my local DNS to a Taiwan host (, so it finished in serveral hours.


Download recent stable release of git for mac from

Install other tools related to git: * GitHub for Mac * GitStats: generate stats web pages for your project


Simple installation with one-line-command:

ruby <(curl -fsSkL

Usage example:

brew search textmate
brew install ninja  # need when building textmate
brew install wget


RVM is short for Ruby Version Manager, not Ruby Virtual Machine.

Install stable version with default ruby[-1.9.3]

curl -kL | bash -s stable --ruby

When every thing reports ok, run this command to see installed versions of ruby in a new term:

rvm list

Switch to system version

rvm use system
rvm use system --default


I choose build textmate from source. follow this document

First, install dependencies

brew install ragel boost multimarkdown hg ninja

Get and prepare source code

git clone git://
cd textmate
git submodule update --init

Configure and build

./configure && ninja


MacRuby is an implementation of Ruby 1.9 directly on top of Mac OS X core technologies.

Install with rvm

rvm install macruby-head

RubyMotion for iOS development.